Coach JJ has been coaching Wim with Stryd Run Power for a month now and had tested and set his Critical Power using INSCYD software and modelled his pacing and nutrition strategy, the power pacing was so good that he improved his time by 25 minutes from 2.11.35 (2017) to 1.46.13 (2018) that’s an increase in Pace from 6.21 to 5.07.Wim was 2nd in his age group by only 42 seconds and would have won but he lost 2 minutes in T1, due to a helmet strap issue.
Running with power and using INSCYDS takes all the guesswork out of how fast to run and how to plan nutrition. JJ is the only coach in Thailand to have the technology and knowledge to Test Critical Power accurately run power and set pacing and nutrition strategy, which also helped Wim set a new 90 minute Cycling Power PR but still leaving him fresh for the run.

Wim wrote in his feedback:-
“looking at peak heart rate post race, this is my biggest effort every in a run. I felt incredibly strong, I don’t really understand why; I was still fresh after the bike ride, that also helped. I started to run and went immediately to 320 watt, I slowed down to 300 W which felt still too easy. After 300 m, i had to run up the infamous steep hill for the first time. I tried to maintain power at 300 W and I went smoothly over the hill. I felt so good on the flatter parts and even on the other hills that aren’t so steep. Still when I u-turned I could see k. Amnad running smoothly. I tried to go over 300 W but then i started to breath heavy immediately. I decided to stick to my tempo. After 1.5 lap, k. Amnad passed me finally. I tried to keep up with this tempo but that again meant running at 320 W and heavy breathing. I tried to stay as close as possible but he would not slow down. I kept on pushing, maybe not killing me, but really pushing hard but I could not catch him. I was very satisfied with my second place especially my run” – Wim Martens

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Tori Vandergriend · August 6, 2021 at 3:21 am

I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

Rupert Ravens · August 7, 2021 at 10:04 am

I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

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