Bike Fitting

The most advanced technology in Asia that gives you the most powerful position

Over 35 years in bike fitting Coach JJ, who certified at professional level from “Cyclefit UK” who do bike fitting for “Trek Pro Tour”. Coach JJ is the expert in adjusting the bike to match individual’s physical condition. Many of our customers have Office Syndrome problem which means muscle stiffness around the scapular, shoulders, upper back and lower back down to hamstrings and hip flexers. Everyone has different body conditions, numbers from bike fitting software might give you the best bike position in theory but without considering physical issues, it won’t work.

Apart from the personal experiences of Coach JJ, we have brought the latest technology to upgrade our Bike Fitting standards to another level, with Motion Analysis from LEOMO. Using 5 wireless sensors to measure body movement in real time and send huge amounts of data through the head unit via bluetooth. Which can detect your weakness by spotting your body angle, body rocking and rotation, left and right imbalance and Dead Spot Score. Having too much movement on the bike, you will lose your power and possibly cause injuries. Spin Scan helps us see your pedalling efficiency if any muscles are working properly or not.

Also, we are the first in Thailand to use the first wireless Saddle pressure mapping and Insole Pressure Mapping. This saddle pressure mapping can analyse the pressure on the saddle in every bike set up with real time information. Each bike position of each cyclists give different results due to their physical condition. Most of the time that excess pressure or problem on the saddle are not from the saddle itself but it’s from the bike set up. Coach JJ will find the right position that gives you optimum pressure on the saddle; especially for triathletes that need to stay in the same position for a long distance ride.

Insole pressure Mapping – same mechanic as Saddle pressure mapping, it detects the pressure and movement of your feet during the rides, which allow us to set a proper cleats position that gives the best power output. Wireless features allow you to test your saddle pressure outside on the real road, then we can use the actual results to adjust the bike set up even better

The Benefit of Bike Fitting

  • Maximize your power
  • more comfortable
  • generate power more efficiently
  • reduce injuries

When you ride your bicycle, you shouldn’t feel any pain in the muscles or joints. If you have these problems, it means your bike fitting is not suitable for you

Easy calcuation

  • super light-weight bicycling 150,000 THB
  • light-weight carbon wheels 5,000 THB
  • Power Meter 50,000 THB
  • or Bike Fitting that is suitable for you not over 6,500 THB

Invest in bike fitting is the most value for money and best benefit! You can buy the lightest or most aerodynamic bike but it won’t give you any advantage if you still have poor bike fitting which you could loose power and speed. Carbon wheels can save your time 0.5 km/hr but good bike fitting can save you more than 1-2 km/hr

Check out 4D Motion Analysis Bike Fitting, first in Thailand at JJ Pro Performance Centre today. Bike fit session 6,500 THB 3 hours, you will get

  • Body Flexibility evaluation
  • Motion Analysis by LEOMO
  • Saddle Pressure Mapping
  • Insole Pressure Mapping

Service price;

  • Bike Fitting 1st Bike 3 hours at 6,500 THB
  • Bike Fitting 2 Road Bikes (same time, same riders) 3.5 hours 50% for 2nd Bike at 9,750 THB
  • New Shoes/ Cleats set up 1 hour 1,000 THB

*This price applicable only for Bike Fitting at JJ Pro Performance studio at Pathumthani

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What is Motion Analysis by Leomo?

This new technology using sports science methodology, developed by leading Coach Hunter Allen from Peaks Coaching Group (who design TrainingPeaks) and USA Cycling institute and Apex Coaching to quantify in-depth motion movement in numbers for the benefit of bike fitting. Even more advanced with wireless sensor that allow you to test on the real road outside the lab

LEOMO, smart sensors attach on 5 positions of your body and will deliver your motion data in real time on the real road means pedalling style, your feet, leg and hip angle while you sit or ride out of the saddles including Power information. These sensors are compatible with Power Meters, Cadence sensors, Heart Rate, and Speed sensors.

Below is one of the data set from Type-R Motion Analysis which needs the expert who is certified to analyse which our Coach JJ is one of the first 14 coaches worldwide who is certified to use this technology.