First in Asia beyond normal Gait analysis with on field running motion analysis with wirelss motion sensors!

Analyse your running form, lateral movement in X/Y/Z, left & right balance, ground contact time and more metrics to improve you running economy for better performance

More accurate than testing on treadmill because we measure your running form on the real road surface which gives the closest result to your race condition. 


Actual Pace, Power, Ground contact time, Vertical Oscillation from STRYD running power meter, not from GPS or calculation

Different speed to compare your running form. Analyse your weakness and find solution to improve your running performance 


Running Economy: 
How much speed do you get for your energy?
* Economy relates to the conversion of: how much power do you have because of your physiological capacities – and how fast can you run or swim with this?


* In free motion sports such as running and swimming economy can well be the most crucial performance determinant. Obtaining economy in your athletes will become a competitive advantage.

* With INSCYD you can find out if it’s more beneficial to increase metabolic capacities or to improve economy.

Improve your running form and run faster tomorrow! 
Running Motion Analysis 4,500 THB for 2 hours field test
– LEOMO LVS and motion sensors
– STRYD Power Meter
– Garmin Running

Running Economy test by 360 Physiological Profile & Running motion analysis by Leomo LVS 11,900 thb (from 13,900 THB) for 2 hours on field session

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