Vo2Master Pro

The first simply wearable VO2 analyzer

No backpacks, cables, or hoses. No calibration syringes or gas tanks. Validated against the gold-standard.Free mobile application for guided testing.

Lab-Grade Accuracy

Superior data response due to the patented direct gas measurement at the mouth. Shortened sample tubes increase accuracy because the O2 sample is received just after the flow measurement. No need for a sampling pump in a separate box that has to deal with pumping rate and changes in temperature.

Validated against three lung simulators and lab carts. Same high-quality oxygen and flow sensors found in metabolic carts.

Validity and Reliability of the VM Pro

This study aimed to determine the validity and reliability of the VM Pro when compared to a VacuMed metabolic simulator. The VacuMed simulator has been validated with the industry-standard Douglas bag method and has been used to validate popular VO2 analyzers such as the Cosmed K5. The simulator’s design is based on concepts discussed by Huszczuk and Wasserman.

Download Full Study https://vo2masterhealthsensors.activehosted.com/f/3

Comfortably Wearable

A stabilising five-point harness increases accuracy. At a weight of 200 grams, the device won’t hinder how the athlete performs. Equipment shouldn’t interfere with testing.

There is no longer a need to run with a backpack. Backpacks are meant for books and lunches, not VO2 analyzers.

Guided Testing and Automated Reports

Guided performance and metabolism testing with the VM Pro. Produce actionable reports for all your clients.

Provides VO2 Max, Training Zones, resting metabolic rate, caloric balance goals, and more.

Resting Metabolic Report Sample

A Fit for Every Athlete

Easy input of athlete information into a free mobile app.

Store thousands of athlete profiles and tests on your mobile device for quick access and sharing.

Measures flow rates from 2-250L/min and breathing frequencies from 3-80bpm. Having the oxygen sensor situated at the face enables the measurement of faster breathing.

System Measurements

Symbol UnitMeasurement Parameter
VO2mL/minAbsolute Oxygen Consumption
VO2 mL/kg/minOxygen Consumption relative to weight
Tv LTidal Volume; volume breathed in a breath
RfbpmRespiratory Frequency; breaths per minute
VeL/minVentilation; air moved by lungs
HRbpmHeart Rate
EEKcal/dayEnergy Expenditure
Feo2%Fraction of Oxygen in expired breath

Product Specification

User Pieces

It’s a reusable flow insert. Each size is optimal for a certain flow range and application. Having additional user pieces enables fast switching between users. Here is a list of the flow ranges for each user piece. Check out the Technical Specifications for more information.

Compatible Sensors

You can connect up to eight Bluetooth sensors simultaneously:

  • 1 VM Pro
  • 1 Heart Rate Strap
  • 2 Power Meters
  • 1 Speed and Cadence
  • 3 Muscle Oxygenation

Price 4,999 USD (Exclude Shipping, VAT)

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